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  1. The Midwest

From the album The Midwest


Got us a crooked tree
Seeking the perfect they sell on those screens
Is tiring, don’t you know

Hints of green and red
Gold tinsel held by the trim on the windows edge
Let the cars throw dirt on the snow

Bless this mess called the Midwest
Oh I thought we’d escape it by now
But it holds dear the ones we want near
So we moved on back to this town

Left out the dishes last night
Stained glasses in the morning from two dollar wine
You leave the bed to turn the heat on high

Kettle set out on the stove
Weather man talking about more stacks of snow
There’s a constant grey moving in the sky

This cold lasts forever and its only December
And its already piercing my bones
But nothing is better than being together
With the people you call your home

So just stay inside
Stay til the blood starts flowing again
Why oh why
Remind yourself why your here again
And again and again and again

Cause my home is you
Oh my home is you
Oh my home is you
Wherever I go

So thaw out that bitterness
Its not that bad in this
Stretch of plain old to plain old
Bless this mess we call the midwest
If you’re here, then I’m home