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  1. Blooming Golden


You watched me that night while my heart unfolded
Like flowers on a mountain top blooming golden
Sunlight beating down in the afternoon
Please say your coming up here to see me soon

Well I hate writing love songs they sound so cheap
Penny after penny while my payments steep
A few Kind words can mean a lot to a heart that needs em,
you deserve more like a heart and that bleeds em

I’m making the most of the things I’ve done
Learning and growing with this thing called love
Trying my best so I can soften
Anger is a thing I can get caught up in

But I’ll help you carry the weight you hold up
When your hearts is low from what’s its full of
When life doesn’t come around I will for you
Say my name and I’ll be running towards you

I’ve never seen a brighter light than you
Piercing through the darkness of my mind
Come in like the rain unexpected flowers bloom
I hope you stay for a little while
A little while
A little longer